Meet the Team: Senior Consultants

Neil Simpson

Principal Consultant

Neil Simpson is the founder of InnoVelocity Inc, the leading US implementation partner for Bizagi, a company with a 11+ year track record helping customers large and small achieve outstanding results with BPM, Case Management and Digital Transformation. Our nationwide team of 11 consultants are all-round BPM and Bizagi experts, offering deep expertise and experience throughout the entire project life cycle. Prior to founding InnoVelocity, Neil co-developed a best practice business process and knowledge management solution at Intel, and proliferated it to worldwide business units in an internal consulting role. Neil has also held healthcare compliance and system implementation leadership positions at AmerisourceBergen and Blue Shield of California.

Aaron Williamson

Lead Consultant (Project/Program Management)

Aaron Williamson has over 15 years of project and program management experience in both the public and private sectors with successful InnoVelocity BPM client implementations in manufacturing, financial services and healthcare. Before joining InnoVelocity, Aaron lead business and technical engagements specializing in healthcare systems development, implementation and Affordable Care Act reporting. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural and Life Sciences, a master’s degree in Journalism and an MBA in Information Systems.

Sam Weinstock

Senior Technical Consultant (Bizagi, Custom Development .NET)

With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Sam draws from the principles of logic and desire for precision in his role as Senior Technical Consultant at Innovelocity. His strengths include integrating Bizagi software with clients' existing systems; streamlining business processes, and finding solutions for complex problems. To further extend Bizagi's functionality, Sam has developed custom software to seamlessly migrate, load and graphically analyze data.

Ryan McNeil

Senior Technical Consultant (Bizagi, Custom Development Java)

Ryan McNeil has over 10 years of experience in software development with extensive knowledge in J2EE , Business Process Management (BPM), SQL databases and SOA development. Prior to Innovelocity, Ryan was responsible for designing and developing key components in PG&E’s initial smart meter rollout. Ryan enjoys taking on complex problems and delivering innovation solutions through iterative development and close collaboration with business stakeholders.

David Zankowsky

Senior Consultant (Bizagi, UIPath RPA)

With a background in mechanical engineering and strong interpersonal skills, David brings a problem-solving mindset to a suite of BPM activities such as: process modeling, process efficiency and process automation. Experienced in BPM automation using Bizagi and with a knowledge of RPA using UIPath, David can provide a range of solutions to your individual business needs to help free up your employees for more profitable endeavors. David’s experience includes leading cross-functional team meetings for process documentation/development, data migrations for clients moving to Bizagi from another BPM system and buildout of a variety of business processes across almost all business units. David has implemented at least 15 processes for a variety of customers including large healthcare providers as well as medium and small manufacturing firms.

Ray Pineda

Senior Consultant (Bizagi, Tableau Reporting)

Ray Pineda has extensive experience in the delivery of business process management (BPM) services - from strategy and modeling to implementation and support. With a specialization in the Bizagi digital business platform, Ray has automated numerous process workflows for clients in industries across manufacturing, healthcare, and finance. Ray’s specialties include systems thinking approach, quality management systems, quality systems assessment, structured problem solving, and process control systems. He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with dual bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and in Materials Science & Engineering.