Bay Area Digital Transformation Meetup (Virtual #1)

We recorded our webinar on combining Robotic Process Automation and Digital Process Automation. Well worth 30 minutes of your time if you want to learn more about these technologies and some best practices to implement them!

Bay Area Digital Transformation Meetup (Virtual #2)

Our second meetup of 2020 was an informative overview and discussion of best practices for a business analyst to document business processes for automation using BPMN. If you’re new to the topic of BPMN and modeling, this basics overview is well worth 20min of your time.

InnoVelocity at the Catalyst 2018 Conference

See InnoVelocity discuss the keys to success in Digital Transformation with many real-world examples during the Catalyst 2018 conference.

InnoVelocity x†Technatomy strategic partnership

Announcement of strategic partnership with Technatomy to deliver DPA services to the Federal Government.†

Growing Your Business with BPM – The JSR Micro Story

Case study on InnoVelocity’s BPM implementation with JSR Micro – a leading materials manufacturer, showing how BPM can be used to scale operations cost-effectively and deliver superior compliance results. Case study was featured on in 2014.

Six Sigma, BPM, Digital – Different paths, same destination?

Discussion of the 5 Good Business Practices that all successful process improvement efforts share. This presentation was the most attended solution provider session at the 2015 Gartner BPM Summit and was also presented at the 2016 PEX Week.

Digital Transformation: 5 Key Capabilities for Your Technology Platform

Organizations in every industry face the increasing threat of disruption from new business models and so they must transform to thrive in a digital economy. Leaders tasked with bringing about change, need to invest in technology that will accelerate an organizationís journey to becoming a digital business.